This is My Life

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with guilt over all the things I'm not doing. Putting down Candy Crush when my hands start to cramp. Flossing my teeth. Disabling the snooze function on my alarm. Writing something non-work related. Reading the blogs I love. Paying attention to my blog. I really let it all get away from me, but today is day one of changing that.

washi tape
A little over a year ago I changed roles at work and although I love my job, I found managing a team tiring. At the end of my work day, the last thing I wanted to do was go home and sit on my laptop. So, I became really good at going from a seated position at work to a horizontal position on my couch to the fetal position in bed. Repeat. Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays were for cleaning, laundry, sleeping (let's be real, I love sleeping in) and scrambling to visit family, friends, the mall, etc. By no means am I whining. I have a really wonderful life and I am happy happy, but today I felt an energy I haven't had in a I'm hitting the blog. First though, I jumped on my laptop to take a peek at DESIGN LOVE FEST for some creative inspiration. I like looking at pretty things :)

I also made a decision tonight - I'm going to take a graphic design course. At least, I think that's what I'm going to do because honestly I'm not sure that's what it's called. Basically, I want the ability to make pretty images with different fonts, colours and styles. I'm no artist so this could be a challenge. I'm ready though. What's even better? I'm happy that I've found some energy to push myself towards something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Jack's first swimming class...he loved it!
Since the last time I've checked in over here my nephew has turned six months old. The seasons have changed. I've gone through three hairdressers (don't do beauty Groupons). I've laughed with my closest friends. I've set up a new home in a neighbourhood I absolutely adore. I've bought a lot of washi tape. I've watched a lot of tv. I've maintained gold status at Starbucks. I've had two spray tans. I've cheated on vegetarianism at McDonalds. I've dreamt of the beach. I've missed New York City. I've become hooked on Homeland and I've practised my cursive writing. This is my life.
Love my Martha Stewart Glue pen and glitter