About Major Gal

I graduated from the University of Toronto a few years ago with a Professional Writing degree and I've been working successfully, writing daily since before graduation...but something was missing. I wasn't writing the stuff that makes my heart swell. I wasn't writing the stuff that makes me smile and inspires me. I wasn't being true to the writer I've always been - an honest girl with a big heart who wants to help others.

Major Gal is a place you can go to find happiness. My happiness might not be your happiness, but I hope I help you find new ways of looking at the world around you. Is a cup of coffee just a cup of coffee? Sure. But if you think about the fact that your cup of coffee is warm, you paid for it with the money in your pocket and you earned that money at your job, maybe it's more than just a cup of joe. Maybe it's worth smiling about. Maybe there is more than coffee and cream in that cup - maybe there is some happiness in there.

I wasn't always a happy person. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 15 and I spent a long time being angry and resentful. I know I won't ever get over losing my mom, but I do know that putting a smile on my face, finding things to be positive about and writing for all of you makes me a fuller, healthier and better person. I look prettier with a smile on my face also, so that's just a bonus ;)

I want to know what makes you guys happy. Send me an email (misscmajor@gmail.com), find me on Twitter (@ThisMajorGal) or leave a comment on your favourite post. My readers make me happy. Comments make me happy. You guys - you really make me happy.