Divas in the City

What is Divas in the City?

Divas in the City is about women supporting each other in business and life. We believe Toronto needs a
forum for the fabulous females in our city – the movers and shakers who make no excuses for who they
are. We present an opportunity to join forces with other women who revel in their strengths and stay true to
their values.

Divas in the City is a socially driven forum that will feature experts in various areas that are essential to the
urban woman’s lifestyle- career, beauty, sex, relationships, finance, fashion, nutrition and fitness. Our
mission is to educate, inspire and connect the new demographic of young, independent, ambitious women
in our city, who we classify as Divas.

Why do we need a Forum for Fabulousness?

All women have the power within them to achieve their goals. But sometimes we need a little help, guidance
and inspiration to help us stay focussed.

This is what the Forum for Fabulousness will provide – a fun, cheeky and safe environment where women
will learn from top experts in areas that are important and directly relevant to them. We seek to educate
and inspire guests by giving them the opportunity to learn from other women whose experiences have
taught them how to overcome obstacles, helped them grow and made them the success they are today.

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