This Ex/Current Bestie

Tonight I went to The Host (killer Indian restaurant in TO) with my ex/bestfriend, his roomie and her mother. Mattar paneer, good conversation - even the parts that roomie translated for her Cuban mother - and a stroll through Yorkville made for a relaxing evening in the city.

The air was warm and comfortable and I realized how blessed I am to still have Dushi in my life. After a horrible breakup a few years ago, I told him I never wanted to see him again. I couldn't bear the thought of knowing how his life would turn out without me in it. Dushi told me that there was no way he was going to let me forget him and that no matter how much it sucked at the time, we had to remain friends because of how close we'd become in our epic relationship.

I communicate with Dushi on a daily basis. I speak to him more than I speak to my closest girlfriends. I'm not playing favourites, I just share an ease with Dushi that's hard to find in most relationships. Once we were able to accept the fact that our romantic relationship had to end, and the initial wounded heart feelings subsided, we were able to turn our relationship into something even better.

I'm sure there are people who think we're still in love with one another and I can assure you, we're not. If I wanted to be with him, I would. It's that simple. He brings things to my life as a friend that he couldn't or didn't as my boyfriend and we're soooo much more compatible now. I'm not trying to be what I thought his ideal wife would be and he's not torturing himself over not being the guy I needed at the time. We laugh, we talk and most importantly, he's the first person I go to with big news, with heartbreaks, with career questions, with life queries and with basically everything. He's more than just a friend to me. He's one of the most important people in my universe and I feel so blessed to have the relationship I do with him.

You can't always be friends with an ex, but if you can, it's so worth it.

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