This Night Out

I spent Saturday with my gf, Rach. It's pathetic when life gets so busy that you barely see your bestie anymore. We've been trying for ages to even just grab a coffee together or watch Glee or something and finally our universes aligned for a Saturday night out.

Rach always knows how to make me laugh and one of the best things about being with her is hearing her laugh at almost everything I say. A real ego boost, ya know? Shit, I'm pretty funny but it never hurts to know that with a few zingers and ballsy comments you can make people crack up.

After a jaunt downtown and some impressive high heeled cardio, we landed at a little spot on King. It was like the mecca of gorgeous men. I had found them! Too bad for Rach, she's attached and lives with her hunny but LORDY I was free to feast my eyes on every delicious male that brushed past me that evening. Let's say that in some cases, I didn't move out of the way to make room for passersby and let them come face to gorgeous face with me while I tossed out a knowing smile.

This time wasn't like in university when one of both of us were living in the city and partying like it's going outta style. We're a bit older, we've got lives to lead regardless of the hangover status on Sunday and really, do we need to drink free doubles and hammer down shots? My liver and schedule can't handle that kind of party anymore, so Rach and I spent the better part of the evening talking about anything and everything. Sunday afternoon we headed out for brunch and brought Matt along with us. It's really wonderful to dig that guy your best girlfriend is with and regardless of how mushy it sounded, I had to tell them how happy I was for them over home fries and french toast. It makes me really happy to see people in love and when you add coffee and breakfast food into the mix, well I guess I was overjoyed for the two of them.

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