This Christmas was Different

By no means do the holidays ever compare to how they felt when my mom was alive and I must say that I FREGGIN love Christmas, but it's sorta lacking now, right? I started shopping early (not like me), got the house ready, watched all the right movies, wrapped gifts, did a teensy bit of baking and saw all my family, but I'm still feeling that emptiness that I'm pretty sure will never go away.

I'm looking out my window right now and it's raining - bogus. I need white snow, warm mugs of hot chocolate and the scent of cloves and evergreen hanging in the air. Instead I have a messy room (I'm preparing to move so my stuff is everywhere), no snow and it smells like chemicals because I just painted my nails. Merry, merry and all that. When did I turn into such a Grinch? I will admit, that not having a bf to kiss under the misletoe was a bummer this year, but seeing all the possibilities out there has been refreshing. I've been dog sitting for some friends and while I was staying at their place I got a glimpse of how my life will be in a few weeks. No sisters or father to clean up after, just me and Gigi and my roomie and her cat. They can clean up their own mess. It's a full house right now, five dogs, two sisters, a father and me and I'm anxious to have some space again. Ugh, this is such a dreary entry guys, I'm sorry I'm such a drag! lol. Perhaps something more cheerful?

Okay, earlier this week I went on a date with someone I met through a friend and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. Maybe it was the wine and maybe it was the fact that I was letting myself see someone in a new light. Who knows? Either way, it was a good first date and that's always a plus. I had a little extra spring in my step the next morning and it was an awesome feeling.

Well, I'm off to another family holiday event and then into the city for some anti-family time. Merry Christmas everyone.

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