This Infectious Happiness

Friday afternoon, while I sat at my desk my berry's magic red light started flashing. I had a message from Jo, a close girlfriend of mine, whom I've known for years. She had just found about that she got a job she had recently interviewed for and she was PUMPED. I mean happy like puppies and rainbows and free designer shoes, finding twenty bucks in your pocket and first kiss happy. In turn, her happiness which broadcast loud and clear over BBM made me really effing happy too. Jo deserves every good thing that happens to her and to know how blissed out she was made my whole day. It was better than the high I got from 40 minutes of cardio, the passion I feel for my morning latte and the delight I get over finding a swell new handbag that hugs my body just right.

Everyone has their share of shitty stuff in life. Sometimes it takes us a while to bounce back and until we find our way out of that darkness, we may fear that it will never get better. The last year wasn't the happiest of times for Miss Jojo, but it also wasn't the worst. I think she learned a Hell of a lot about herself and her strength through some of the bullshit. There are always setbacks, but they're lessons if you let them be.

That happiness I felt pulsating through Jo on Friday was infectious. I hadn't heard her be so excited over something in a while and I thought to myself, "She's back." It was awesome like winking at a hot stranger across a crowded room. Like smelling coffee when you wake up. Like feeling the sunshine on your cheeks for the first time that year. Like running into the ocean and diving into a huge wave. All awesome, just like Jo.

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