This Stuff that I Adore

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Except, if we're changing this to a few of MY favourite things, I would have hydrangeas and puppies. I do love kittens and some types of roses, but we're getting off track here.

When I finally decided on a pair of shoes to wear to work this morning, I came up with this post idea: the stuff I love. I'm wearing a pair of three and a half year old gold ballet flats. I got them at a Target (Boutique Tarjay) in Florida for twelve bucks. They go with everything, are really comfortable and I haven't worn them since spring. Hence, my favourite thing about this morning.

This list is in no particular order and is truly another one of my ploys to get you guys to think about the stuff you really can't live without, and therefore makes you happy.
Here's my list:
1) My dogs, all three of them. Gigi Baby, Lily Flower and Roxy Girl - yes they have middle names - make me smile each and every day, even when they're being bad, wrapping their leashes around my legs and almost tripping me, shredding every scrap of paper they can find or barking incessantly for no reason. They're still three of my favourite things.
2) The smell of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil. I'm a beach fanatic and truly should not have been born in Ontario. When I went to California a few years ago I though, "Hey! This is where I was supposed to be all these years!" Anything associated with the beach is my favourite. Lotions, sand, saltwater, swimming, getting a tan, bikinis, tan lines. All faves.
3) BBM. BlackBerry Messenger is a daily piece of heaven. I dislike texting now. I feel like it takes too long. the iPhone is pretty, but I'm a slave to BBM.
4) The flowers Ryan had delivered to me on my first day in the new condo. They're blush and beautiful and sitting in a crystal water jug on a pedestal table by my windows. Gorgeous.
5) Katy Perry. She's my girl crush these days. I could stare at that flawless skin and rockin' bod all day. And like, who doesn't love fun wigs? Pink hair? I'll take it!
6) My friend Shannon's design blog, It's my go-to creativity inspiration each morning. She has a baby, a husband, a job and she still blogs constantly and adds pictures. It really is a thing of beauty. She inspires me which brings me to my next favourite thing...
7) Inspiration. Let it grab you anywhere. Find it in the supermarket. Read it in a card. Catch a glimpse of it in a painting. Hear it in a song. Never stop wanting to do more and be better. You've gotta keep growing and for spiritual, intellectual, emotional and creative growth, we need inspiration.
8) The Elvis Presley station on satellite radio. I give $17.95 to Sirius each month and I never regret a penny of it. The Elvis channel, live from Graceland, bumped a house station out of the number two preset and man, do I SING those Elvis tunes. If I were alive when he was in his prime, I would have been all over that.
9) This organic risotto Ryan and I had the other night. I saved part of the label so I can buy it again. I made the garlic primavera version this week (which was super easy) and we inhaled it. Well, first we pretended like we would save the leftovers and then I said, "Ryan, you might as well finish the risotto. There's hardly enough to save..." He replied with enthusiasm and faster than I expected and we both ate from the same plate. It was good.
10) Fall. Yes, I love summer and September is my least favourite month of the year, but I get a bit excited when autumn rolls in again and I can wear jackets and boots, or is it that I can buy jackets and boots? Tough call. Anyhow, seeing the leaves change colour is truly amazing. Drive north on the 400 at King City Sideroad and look at those trees in a couple of weeks. Truly a marvel of this universe.
11) The way all the colours in my condo are coming together so beautifully. My gray shag rug, my impulse purchase chair, my massive mixed media California-themed piece of art, my pillows from Walmart and the shelf I put together - by myself I might add - from Ikea that only cost $29.00 and the fact that I finally have places to display my books according to the colour of their jackets and/or spines. I saw it in InStyle a couple of years ago and have been waiting for a space to use the technique since then. Okay, I might need three more bookshelves to fit them all, but it will be worth it.
12) Knowing that Christmas is coming and I can put up all my girlie decorations!!!!!! I've already moved them in to the storage locker in my condo. I haven't moved my coats or jackets in yet, but I've got stuff ready for December. Priorities.
13) The movie Up In The Air. I watched it the other night and I liked it. I stayed awake past ten which means I REALLY liked it. When George gives one guy the speech with the line, "How much did they pay you to first give up on your dream?" I felt smacked in the face, in a good way! Why aren't I going after my dreams? I'm in a career that pays well and I'm happy, but it's not part of my dream. It's sort of woken my up a bit and inspired me.

There you have it friends. This is the stuff I really dig these days.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading this Crystal!!! I always really enjoy your blogs!! O'Neill now Santoloce....

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Crystal, I am so honoured to be part of your favourite things post!

And I really have to come check out your condo soon! xo