This Midweek Parcel

Last night I went to get my mail and I had a teensy notice to pick something up at the concierge. I thought it was the nude patent leather platform heels I ordered from Steve Madden last week, but when I signed for the parcel, I got a HUGE box. Then I saw the was my free boots from Cougar!!

I took the box upstairs and ripped it open. It was like Christmas. Honestly, getting stuff in the mail - especially free stuff - is awesome. I think I'm going to start sending myself packages, just so I have fun mail to open. If I see another bill I'm going to move and leave no forwarding address.

Inside the box of fun was a pair of rain boots, a pair of winter boots, a hoodie, a huge mug and four packages of hot chocolate. How fun is this? Now I have to decide on my approach to the blogs I'll devote to my free boots and this great Canadian company, I'm still thinking that I'll do a series of Major Gal and the Cougar boots in the city. I want to add fun photos and show how versatile they are. I'm excited!

Check out their stuff and I know you'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe you haven't worn a pair of Cougar boots since you went outside for recess in elementary school like me. Trust me though, when you want to keep your toes toasty this winter, you'll want a pair close by.


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Aren't the boots amazing!! I got the motorcycle-type rain boots (INSANE!!) and I got the tall black winter boots with the fur (LOVE THEM!)

The Cougar Boots in the city idea is great! I have to think of something fun too!

Kerry said...

I'm with shannon, like the idea of Major Gal and the Cougar Boots in the city! I'm looking forward to seeing yours... and checking out their stuff!

MIRNA said...

I think u guys are absolutely right about these shoes. they are amazing! last time i had a pair was in highschool. so now i need to go shop for some (: