This Friendly Guy

Yesterday I went to Walmart for some stuff. I was looking for Christmas dishes, but ended up spending 118 bucks on other things. A Christmas cookie magazine, hummus, two cases of water for my lovely dog walker and friend, Shannon from Pup and the City (pupandthecity.com), a roast, a DVD, three festive blankets and some other miscellaneous items.

Standing behind me in line was an older guy. He was buying on purple sweater - I'm guessing for his wife. His accent told me he wasn't originally from Canada. While I was walking through the parking lot he came up to me and told me that Food Basics had the same water for less money. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and completely melted me inside. That was my Monday happiness. He was a stranger, had no reason other than being a super nice guy to tell me where I could save a few bucks on water. It was great and I'm still happy about it.


Julia said...

that makes me happy inside. I guess some good people are still out there:)

Miss CMajor said...

there are definitely good people out there! always pay it forward. hold a door open for someone and offer a smile - that gesture will come back to you later that day.

Kerry said...

I'm with the above commenter... that made me really happy inside too! :) Thanks for sharing that story Crystal.

Sometimes it's the little things, right?