This Silver Lining Found Me

I've been having a crummy week folks, so it's been tough to think of exciting, happiness-filled stuff to write about. I really believe that there is an upside to everything and that philosophy has brought me through some challenges in life. I was chatting with one of my many cousins this week and she said, "Crystal, we're only given what we can handle and clearly someone thinks you can handle a lot. You're not meant to get a break in life because you can handle everything." It wasn't just a pep talk, but a reminder that I do always manage to find a way to pull through. It's not like I search for strength, I've just never considered anything less than pushing through and making the best of things.

I guess I'm tough, but this week I've had my share of tears. Last night as I was getting ready for bed and tweeting from my BlackBerry, I started to cough. Gigi flew across my bed, put her two front paws on my shoulder and kissed my face. Coughs always concern her and when I looked at her sweet furry face I thought to myself, "Life can't really be that bad if this sweet creature is here to lick my face when I need some luvin." She really makes each day sunny - even when the sky is full of clouds. Go find your silver lining today, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed and gloomy.

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