This Beachey Happy Place

If you're living in my area, you're probably sick of winter and ready for some sunshine, warm breezes and trips to the beach. As a true Pisces gal, I LOVE water. I want to be surrounded by water as much as possible and although I prefer salt water, I'm happy and at ease when I hear a stream swishing by, see my tub being filled with water and bubbles or jumping into a lake. I even like rain, but since we're looking for happy places today, let's focus on the beach.

What's not to love about the beach? Okay, some people don't like the lack of shade or the abundance of sand but I love it all. In fact, and please don't think I'm crazy for this one, but I have a recurring nightmare that I'm on vacation and nobody I'm traveling with will let me go to the beach. Seriously people, I love the beach and I'm thrilled that I'll be spending my birthday this year on a sunny Florida beach with some of my family - not my entire extended family there's just too darn many of them!

At the beach you can:

-catch up on reading

-get a healthy golden tan

-make sandcastles

-bury your friends in the sand

- scope out babes

-take a dip

- see half naked people

- compare tan lines

- listen to music and close your eyes

- eat from a picnic basket

- float for hours on your back or a blowup raft feeling the water move beneath you

- see tonnes of different sea creatures and birds (side note, I am terrified of birds so this is my least fav part)

- point out the icky people wearing inappropriate swimwear and be happy it isn't you

- smell like suntan lotion

- play Frisbee (I've been told you can play sports on the beach, but my sport is tanning so...)

- do nothing except lie in the sand being thrilled that you're at the beach!

I remember my first bikini. My parents took me shopping and I was so brave at the mall picking it out. When we got home I lost my courage and crammed myself into my old bathing suit. Now, I was a lanky kid (still am) so wearing my suit from the summer of '87 in the summer of '88 was challenging. I think I had an imprint of the suit outline pressed into my body for a week after. I'm over the fear of exposing my midriff now, but I'm still not into nude beaches or going topless. That's just me. If you're into it - bravo, I'm just not ready to share all of me with fellow beachcombers.

My favourite beach is in Southern Cali. Honestly, Laguna Beach is just as gorgeous as it looks on the telly. I also really like Clearwater Beach in Florida and who can deny the great beaches in Mexico? I'd love to travel to the French Riviera, the Greek isles and pretty much explore as many beaches as I can. When I say explore, by no means do I intend on walking for hours along the shore inspecting the area. My goal is strictly tanning on beach vacations. Does thinking about the beach make you happy? It works for me, but tell me - where is your happy place?

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Michaela said...

Laguna is my favorite!!! I love the beach, too. Can't wait for spring break so I can go and enjoy it!!