This Is My Loving Family

I spent last night hanging out with my cousin Kate at Sunnybrook Hospital. She's having pregnancy complications and is on bedrest indefinitely. I scooted over to see her after work with two popsicles stashed in my purse. She's craving cold stuff right now.

Poor Kate is stuck in bed and on day five of her captivity (her words, not mine), she's already going nuts. I set up her wifi connection last night and we immediately hopped on Facebook. Then I added some sites I love to her favourites so she has lots of places to surf from her hospital bed while baby Lily cooks away in her belly.

Kate is 31 weeks pregnant, so if Lily stays put until her due date...Kate will need some serious entertaining. I told her about Pinterest and we got her signed up for an invitation. Then I showed her Etsy (gave her an excuse to shop - possibly a bad move). I told her to start following mroe people on Twitter since that always entertains me and now I'm looking for some help. I want to send Kate a list of sites that will make her smile, keep her brain occupied and provide an outlet for her creative energy. Where would you send her?

Kate and I are five years apart. My Aunt Dolly is Kate's mom and my mom's older sister (one of her older sisters). "Dolly" is one of my most favourite names ever. It's a family name for us :) Since Kate is going to be spending loads of time staying comfortable, my Aunt Dolly knew she needed the appropriate wardrobe and promptly bought her all new maternity clothes for her hospital vacation. As Kate puts it, there's no need to stay in a hospital gown all day and night. You might as well look cute :)

We're all praying for Lily and Kate. I pray that Lily waits as long as possible to join us in this world and I pray that Kate stays healthy, pain-free and sane. The last wish might be tough since she's facing potentially two months of this new lifestyle. If you could keep my sweeties in your thoughts, it would mean so much to me and my family.

So, if you could just add one teensy item to your list of things to do today, please leave a comment below with a website you think Kate would enjoy. I'll pass along the info :)

This is Kate and I at her wedding almost three years ago. Such a great day!

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