This Old Song Makes Me Happy

"Lord knows there are things we can do baby..."

Back then he was John Cougar Mellencamp and I was a little girl singing the lyrics from the backseat of my mom's baby blue Buick Skyhawk. It was the 80s. My mom had big hair and everybody looked like they were from Jersey. Hairspray, eyeliner and shoulder pads were everywhere. I had bangs, crimped hair and Smurfette high top sneakers. I was singing "Hurts So Good" back then with no idea what the song was about. Today, I still sing every word when it comes on the radio or queues up on a playlist at a wedding. It's just one of those fantastic songs that fills me with memories.

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"Sometimes love don't feel like it should."

We were all at a family party years ago and there is video footage of my mom, aunts, cousin and I all dancing to this killer track. Yes, even grown-ups have dance parties. It was such a fun time.

This past June Johnny's song flooded the speakers at Jen's wedding and the two of us shouted out every word with such conviction.

"Hey baby it's you. Come on girl now it's you."

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been out in the city, enjoying the long weekend in Canada and catching up on the rays - it's patio season - but when this song came on satellite radio today I knew I had my "favourite things" post.

What's your favourite song? What song can ALWAYS get you on the dance floor? What song should play over the credits of your lifetime movie?

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Kerry said...

What a great post! :)

Hmmm, that's a hard question - so many songs I love, but when it comes down to it - Summer of '69 will always be one of those songs for me. I am a HUGE Bryan Adams nerd and that is one song that always makes me smile and dance. Even at the wedding B and I went to at the end of April when I was very prego - him and I were on the dance floor singing and dancing to it! :)