This Is Where I Come From

Well, a while back I blogged about my cousin Kate being on bed rest and her teensy baby girl Lily. This morning Kate delivered Lily via c section and she's five pounds and two ounces of gorgeous, hugely loved baby goodness. When I brought Gigi home (I know, she's not a real baby but she's my real baby) from the store she was three months old and weighed more than Lily weighs right now. It got me thinking...what does 5 pounds look like? I have handbags that weigh more than this sweet little angel, but that's largely because I'm a bag lady and I carry way too much junk with me. None of it is makeup though. You'd think I'd have mirrors and eyeshadow and all that jazz weighing me down, but it's lotions, glasses, 8 zillion loyalty cards, a huge key chain, tissue (always)and who knows what else. A bunch of crumpled receipts, a lint covered piece of gum. Not pretty stuff. Anyways, let's focus on family and new babies today. Both are blessings.

This is baby sister (Chandler) and I at her Confirmation. It was years ago, but I still love this picture of us. I was her Sponsor. When Jen was confirmed, Kate was her Sponsor. When I was confirmed, Chris was mine. My Aunt Sharon was his and so on. We're a close family :)

I've been thinking how confusing my family tree probably is to someone outside my family. Kate is my cousin, Lily is my second cousin. My Aunt Dolly is Kate's mom. My mom is/was Kate's aunt. Got it? Here's a picture of our family tree, with lovely illustrations by me. I'm like, a super great artist. I know :) Today I'm sharing my Mom's side of the family. Our family name is Lewis and we're from Cape Breton. Holla to all my East Coasters!!

That's a family of 41...unless I lost count. That's including spouses and second cousins. Some we've lost: Nanny and Papa, my Uncle Bob and my mom. She was the baby of the six Lewis children. Her name was Patricia but everyone called her "Mina." It's a family nickname that stuck. Here's my gorgeous Mama at a work function (looks like hard work, eh) in the 80s. Great bod. Chandler takes after her. Not me, I'm a lanky chick.

This is Erin, me, Chris and Jen dancing at Kate and Dave's wedding in 2008.

That's Zoe and Avery - daughters of Chris and Erin. Undoubtedly the two most gorgeous little girls on planet earth.

Anyways, that's just part of my huge family. My father comes from a big family (the Major clan)and when my mom remarried we were welcomed into yet an even bigger family of Fitzpatricks. If you've lost track, here's where I'm from: Mom (Patty Lewis) and Dad (Shane Major). They had ME (Crystal) and divorced. My mom remarried Phil Fitzpatrick - when I write about my dad, that's who I'm referring to - and together they had Devin and Chandler Fitzpatrick. I have another sister, Jenna Major, born to Shane and her mom, Roslyn. I love those two gals soooo much! I love Shane too, but our relationships has had its hardships. That's another post for another day though :)

This is Kate and my Unle Paul.

That's my sweet sweet Nanny with Jen at her engagement party in 2009. I still miss her every single day.

That's a lot to take in on a Saturday, but I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a huge, loving family that I just had to share.

This is a snapshot of all my first cousins and I at Jen and Stefan's wedding last June.

Me and my Aunt Sharon. I love her so much it makes my heart feel too big for my body.

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"Mina"..... I never knew that:) thanks for sharing