This Rushed Morning

Happy Thursday lovelies. I had all these big plans for my morning. The alarm on my berry would go off, I'd stretch my legs and jump outta bed, make my Isagenix shake, walk Gigi, shower, do my hair, get dressed and stop at Starbys for a latte treat on my way to work. Cut to me resetting my alarm for 8am, snoozing until 25 after, texting coworker to say the new plan was I'd pick him up at 9:30, throw myself in the shower, feed Gigi and myself simultaneously, use the turbo setting on my hair dryer, get coconut oil (my new moisturizer) on the Joe Fresh shirt I threw on with my pencil skirt, decide that it doesn't matter, make a latte (thanks for Tassimo and a milk frother), slice my finger and nail on a sharp knife in the sink, find a band aid, tell coworker I'm leaving in 3 minutes and then leave in 8 minutes, pick him up and drive to work to find the parking lot full, walk to the office sweating, fan myself with a notebook and scratch my face. Winning over here, big time.

You know what though, it wasn't bad. It's sunny out, it's almost the weekend, I'm going out for lunch with lovely people from work, my brother and sisters are visiting me tomorrow night and I'm happy happy over here. So sometimes your day doesn't go as planned. Big deal. At least you're alive and healthy. What's making you happy today my loves?


Devin Fitzpatrick said...

Hey sis! Love the new look! And your signature is a nice touch :) So awesome!! See you tomorrow!!!

Tyler Evan said...

(: Very positive end to the post. I love your page. Can't wait to meet you!

Ashley said...

love the new blog design! hope you have fun with your friends!

i'm happy tomorrow is friday and for a really productive week at work!