This Charitable Happiness

Did you wake up today wondering how you can make a difference? In 2010, after the loss of their close friend and European tour manager to pancreatic cancer, Toronto band Dogpile felt a comeback was in order. The goal of this rekindling? To raise money for The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. When I learned I could write about my conviction for helping those in need and local Canadian talent, I was all in for this post.

Sure, the music so impressively created by Dogpile isn’t exactly in harmony with the theme of this blog, but the reason behind the latest single, Broke Upon the First Stress, is what keeps me smiling and grateful when I’m in an otherwise blah mood: helping those in need. The band chose the marine wildlife conservation organization because bassist William Paul Adams says they want to “…save the planet, not humanity.” If you think you can help, slide over to iTunes and 100% of the dollar – just ninety-nine pennies actually - you spend on this single will help sea creatures worldwide. Be a superhero to a whale, dolphin, seal and many more gorgeous animals who call the ocean their home. For less than one dollar, you can make a difference. What are you waiting for? Just click this.

Reveling in a long 80s romance with the live music scenes in Toronto, Montreal and abroad, Dogpile haven’t put out a new single since 1995. The hope for this latest effort is to raise awareness and money in honour of their late friend. One hundred percent of the single’s revenue will go directly to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. All of it. Every penny. These guys have won me over.

Coupled with the inspiration I’ve been overcome with after reading another blog recently, I’ve decided to add another element to Major Gal. I’ll be featuring charities I’ve either recently learned of or have been devoted to for years. My hope is that something resonates with you and gets you out there helping others. It doesn’t take much. In this case, it’s not even a dollar.

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