This Powerful Pink Project

October is breast cancer awareness month. Pink is everywhere and for good reason - the statistics on how many lives are stolen by breast cancer is devestating. To raise money and awareness, companies are getting creative. Certain charities have a sexiness about them - breast cancer is one of them. It's talked about constantly. It's in the media. Runs and walks are organized to raise money. People wear pink ribbons and nearly everything is designed in a special pink for breast cancer awareness month. If it's pink, chances are we'll take notice of it.

Pearl Drums has designed a limited edition pink drum kit, with $200 of the proceeds going directly to breast cancer research in Canada. Now, I'm not a drummer, but I've got a serious thang for guys like Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins and I'm seriously devoted to raising money for cancer research. The Drums for a Cure Project is so bang on (notice what I did there?) that I simply had to blog about it when le garcon told me about it. Turns out le garcon is a drummer also. In fact, he works in one of our city's most specialized percussion stores, Just Drums.

The guys at JD (that's short for "Just Drums" when you're cool like me) have one of these amazing sets waiting for you. Click the link to the kit above and please spread this message. If we can rock out and raise money for breast cancer research, why wouldn't we get right on that?

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Jamie said...

I love Just Drums, it's undoubtedly one of the best music instrument stores in Toronto. I think they do wonderful job and it's nice to see their engagement in breast cancer research fundraising. Thanks for mentioning this great store!