This Small World

A new website (new to me anyways) came my way last week and I had to share it with you guys - especially my Torontonian readers. As I watched this video I came to the 2 minute mark and had to rewind twice before I realized that my dear friend, her brother, sister and nephew were in the video. I immediately shared it with her as it brought such a sweet smile to my face.

What I love about the video and the concept for the site is that real people are a part of everything. Suze and her family aren't actors - they didn't pretend to be watching the annual Santa Claus parade, they were really watching it and the My City Lives team just happened to capture the moment.

Are we all Christmassey yet? Is that even a word? Can I make it a word since I use it all the time? Let's make it a word, shall we?

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