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Time for 11 questions. The deal is you write 11 facts about yourself. Then you answer 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you. Finally, write out 11 questions and tag another blogger. Some fun for your Friday!

I'm tagging Kerry from First Time Fancy. She's been a blogger pal for ages and she's an absolute sweetheart.

1. I don't actually know the definition of deja vu, but i always think i'm having it
2. It never occurs to me to add salt to my food. i'll add pepper, but not salt.
3. Before i could participate in this post, I had to ask Ashley from Run with Me 23 how to do it. I blog, but I don't "get" all the technical stuff or the trends.
4. I hated hearing that women in their 20s don't know themselves until I got really close to my 30s and now I fully agree and plan on irritating my younger sisters with this fact. I don't regret any of 20s. They've really shaped me and some of the biggest lessons have come in the last five years. The greatest loves (and there has been more than one) came and went within the last five years - the years where I really learned what I want from a man and the ways I gave myself over because I was so blinded and "chasing the diamond." I'm so happy I'm not married already.
5. If my life depended on me doing long division...we'd all die.I'm no mathlete.
6. I really love writing random things about myself.
7. I really want to sew and make some of my own clothes. I love sewing by hand, but I'm not great with a machine. My mom was a fantastic seamstress and my Aunt Betty can make anything - seriously anything with a needle and thread. I envy that.
8. I'm really close to my extended family. My cousins are my best friends and I legitimately love spending time with my aunts and uncles.
These are just a few of my cousins on my Mom's side of the fam.

9. I desperately want to go to Paris. I'm completely enamoured with the culture.
10. If I brush my teeth too soon after eating, I'll gag and throw up.
11. I pride myself on my ability to recite movie lines correctly and to mimic voices. If I can't do an impression perfectly, I won't do it. When people butcher movie lines, I get really irritated.

I love my brows here. See question 2 from Ashley
Ashley's questions
1.       Which Website do you visit the most? I mean, besides this one obviously? ;) When I started university I made my homepage a newspaper so that I would be forced to read the news every time I went online. It's a habit I've kept. The first thing I do in the morning is log into The Toronto Star online and I check it frequently during the day. Truthfully though, I probably go to Twitter most often.

2.       If you couldn't shave your legs or wax your eyebrows for the rest of your life, which would you choose? holy crow this is tough for me! I'm currently buying Groupons for laser hair removal like it's nobody's business and I intend to get my legs done, but something that seriously bums me out is when my brows are unkempt. my mom took me to have them waxed before i started grade 7 and i've been obsessed with them ever since. clean brows and a perfect shape can really change your appearance. 
3.       Name a talent you have I can tap dance. 
4.       If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be? Hmmmm, this is a tough one.  I've gotta say right now I'd love to meet Chelsea Handler.That chick is funny in the way I love most and I think we'd be best friends.
5.       If you had to go on a reality TV or game show, which one would you choose? Yikes! I'm not really into reality competition shows. If I went on Amazing Race I'd probably kill my partner. If I ever get put in a room with Tyra Banks - I'd kill that fierce biatch, while I smize. If I went on the Bachelor, I'd probably kill half the dumb chicks in that house. And we all know that by "kill" I really mean shot daggers from my eyes and silently loathe, right? So, if I had to choose I'd want to go back a few seasons and meet The Real Housewives of New York. Yes, there are a few that I'd want to elbow in the face, but I could meet Bethenny and I heart her big time.
6.       If you were president, what's one law you would make? Tougher penalties for animal abusers. None of this small monetary fine garbage. If you hurt an animal, I'm going to hurt you.
7.       What's your favorite smell? Coconut
8.       You have a spicy piece of gossip,  who's the first person you tell? Probably my friend Julia. Her take on everything is just so original and she always makes me laugh. Plus, she usually says what I'm already thinking about the gossip.
I'm not giving Julia the finger here. We're probably gossiping.

9.       What's your favorite thing about yourself? I have a huge heart. Sure, question 5 doesn't really demonstrate that, but honestly I feel like my heart grows every single day. When I love, I love with abundance. When I hurt, I hurt for everyone on earth.
10.  what's your favorite holiday? Christmas. Specifically, Christmas Eve.
11. What did you want to be when you grew up? My dad found some of my school work from when I was a little girl and in kindergarten I drew a picture of myself on a roller coaster. Above it I wrote: When I grow up I want to work at Canada's Wonderland so I can be the boss of the place and ride all the rides for free. For those outside Toronto, Wonderland is an amusement park.

This is me and my cousin Jen at her wedding. I was her MOH.

Now for my questions:
1. Where do you sing your loudest?
2. Name a famous person you think would be your best friend if you met in real life.
3. What is one trend you simply can't handle? Harem pants anyone?
4. Which tv family do you think you'd fit in best with and why?
5. Be honest, are you a great driver or do you routinely hit curbs and run over pylons?
6. Tell us about the best vacation you've ever had. Where did you go?
7. What is your fondest childhood memory?
8. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? And yes, they're both Canadian and this leads me to believe that I stand a chance in marrying them.
9. What is your favourite fastfood?
10. Describe your favourite type of day. Are you cozy and watching movies or laying on the beach?
11. What's your favourite sweet? Sour candy? Chocolate? Pie?

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