This Musical Hug

Hallowe'en is over. The ghosts are packed away from another year. I will miss my glass skull candle holder, but otherwise I. AM. PUMPED. FOR. CHRISTMAS. In fact, I'm already listening to Christmas music. Any Grinch readers can keep their snickers to themselves. Major Gal loves the holidays.

One of my very, very favourites is Mariah Carey's first holiday album. My mom bought me a shiny copy of the cd at Eatons in grade 6. I've listened to it repeatedly every year since. The case is broken and the album a tad scratched, but I can't let go. My mom bought it even though she loathed half the songs on it. She let me blast it in our house because she knew how much I loved Mariah Carey. Even if I replace the cd one day, I'll never get rid of my original. It has mama memories attached to it.

In the last day, I've heard so many songs that remind me of my mom. It was as if she was sending me a musical hug through the radio. Each note brought a fresh flood of tears, but I'm okay with that. It means that before she was taken away from me, she left me with so memories to cling to and call up when I needed some love only a mother can give.

Are there songs in your life that are like time machines for you? Do you hear the first note and disappear into your own head from years ago? Does your flannel plaid wearin' self slam your head back and forth when Nirvana enters your head? Do tears come to your eyes when you hear a song you shared with your first love?

I've got a few.
  1. Anything Howard Jones is 100% my mom. 
  2. John Cougar Mellencamp, Hurts So Good - also my mom.
  3. Ace of Bass - my brother listening to my cd over and over. And over again.
  4. Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell - putting on concerts with my cousin, Jen.
  5. Say it Ain't So by Weezer. The Y2K New Years in Montreal with my girlfriends. Especially Jo on air guitar.
  6. Time to Pretend - MGMT. Driving to Niagara Falls with my girlfriends four years ago.
  7. Anything Patsy Cline - singing the songs with my kindergarten teacher. Yes, it's true.
Want to finish my list? 

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