This Beginning

So, I heard from a friend today. Someone who's opinion and professionalism I value highly. He told me to start a blog. Here I am - starting a blog - not exactly sure what I will write. I don't mind not having a topic or a concrete idea where the keyboard will take me. One of my favourite writing exercises, and perhaps one of the first things I learned from my Professional Writing profs was to sit down and just write for at least 20 minutes a day. The big trick is silencing the internal critic and not hitting backspace every three words.

The key to writing what's on your mind is to completely open up. Last time I checked, I was fairly fluent at opening up in most aspects of my life, so... this should be simple - right? I can say a few things about me and "openness." 1) My biggest dreams are also some of my biggest nightmares. You see, as brave as I try to be, I'm really terrified of failure so admitting to myself and the people around me what I really want in life also opens up the possibility that I might not get some of those things. 2) I have my heart wiiiide open and I'm waiting for that moment when the right guy says, "I've been waiting to take my place in your heart Crystal." Bliss. 3) I'm open to new ideas, especially ones that most people will find "new age" or voodoo-ish or total bs. If someone tells me that I'll find love and happiness by burning a candle and walking backwards out of my bedroom and down the hall each morning, who am I to tell them they're wrong? I have no proof otherwise, so I'll try the candle and backwards trot (I just might not tell everyone I'm doing it). 4) I'm BIG TIME open to a great cup of coffee, a walk down Bloor, a jaunt through Yorkdale, a night of courageous dancing with my best girls, an intense yoga class and the aching muscles I'll feel after, and most importantly, I'm open to advice from others.

I've always known I was going to be a writer. I wrote plays in elementary school, took photos of my favourite books, asked for novels for my birthday and I still adore lingering through Indigo and Chapters for a stack of fabulous new books. I have a writing degree from U of T, I write every single day at work but I still don't feel like I'm the kind of writer I really want to be. That's why I begged my genius friend for career advice. He told me to start a blog if I wanted to nail this freelancer thing. If anyone else has ideas or motivational tactics for me, I'm SO open to hearing them.

Speak soon, Major Gal.


drupeek said...

I'd hire you. :)

Working inside-out has always helped my writing. I start very narrowly - with what I want to focus on - and with each post I pound away at that focus.

Over time I become comfortable stretching the boundaries.

But hey... that's just me. We're all different. ;)

Miss CMajor said...

So then hire me and pay me lotsa cash. Deal? I really need to get some focus on blog topics here, they're beginning to wander.