This Commitment

Okay, I've promised myself that I'll keep up with the blog entries daily. Then again, I know myself and if the sun is shining the last place I want to be is chained to my computer. This means that although I will try to post as regularly as possible, I will not order my life around my cyber diary. It's just not me.

I'd rather be outside playing with my dogs and getting a tan (keep your skin protection sermons to yourselves) than inside the house typing away about how great the weather looks outside. Make sense? If you disagree, you're probably not the kind of person who will follow this blog. Yes, I love writing but more importantly, I love living. I yearn to be outside, face upturned to the sun with the warmth of the outdoors clinging to my skin. Throughout autumn, I adore the crunch of crispy, fallen leaves under my Uggs. During the winter months, the first snowfall of the season ALWAYS makes me smile. The sight of spring tulips poking their colourful heads out of dark soil reminds me of how lucky I am to live in this wonderful country of Canada. That's not to say I wouldn't move to Southern Cali in a heartbeat!

I'm still figuring out a theme for my blog. So far, I know that I want all the titles to be short and to start with the word, "This." That's all I've got so far though. I think I'll take my notebook to Starbucks and jot down some blog ideas while sipping a creamy latte. I'm old fashioned that way. I still prefer to get my ideas down on paper before hitting the keyboard.

I'm staring at my fingers as they skip across the black keys and thinking that I'd really like to get a manicure soon. I have a pedicure scheduled for Friday evening, but I think my digits need some attention. I picked at them during a two hour meeting in the company president's office this afternoon. The meeting wasn't even that bad, I just always need to be doing something with my hands. I'm a recovering nail biter who has fallen off the wagon and is trying to go sober again. Rehab means regular manicures, painting my nails with that harsh tasting stuff that actually does nothing to deter me, keeping a file nearby at all times and willing myself to stop biting. I want to quit. I have quit and I will quit again. I'm Crystal and I bite my nails.

Speak soon my sweets, Miss CMaj

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