This Lady

I consider myself a female, a woman, a girl, but mostly a lady. There aren't enough ladies out there anymore. Being a lady means having manners, respecting yourself, carrying yourself with pride and actually caring about the image your portray of yourself. Stumbling into the street sans undies, spilling vodka and Red Bulls on your girlfriends and waking up in a haze on Sunday mornings is not very becoming of a lady - right?

Okay, like most gals my age I've had my share of less than graceful un-ladylike moments. I have spilled some drinks, I have stumbled out of heavy club doors into crowded Toronto streets and I've peeled my eyes open on the occasional Sunday morning with a marching band in my head. I never exited a cab exposing my britney though, I've got too much class for that. Even drowning in mixed drinks, I'm still well aware of whether or not I'm flashing a bunch of strangers. Mama taught this girl better than that.

As a lady, I look for gentlemen and nothing less. Pay the cheque, pull out my chair, open the car door for me and look directly into my eyes when you speak to me. Before you start bitching about my "pay the cheque" comment, understand what I'm saying. I don't mean I never want to spend a cent of my own money on a relationship. What I mean is I see a man taking care of the dinner cheque a sign of chivalry and old-fashioned values. I like that.

I'm not looking for a hero to rescue me or anything, I just want a romantic guy who makes me laugh, holds my hand in public and disarms me with his smile.

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ali said...

I wrote a post on chivalry and who killed it because they need to get their sentencing (wise words of Drake.) There is nothing wrong a lot of chivalry lol. I love it and once you've had it, its hard to lower your expectations.