This Summer Evening

Tonight I just feel like writing. Maybe it's because I had a great weekend. Maybe I had a great weekend because I had the house to myself. Maybe having the house to myself has shown me that it really is time to move out...for good.

Moving out of my house scares me. Originally I thought this fear was only because I'm terrified of sleeping in a house alone. Now I know that what really scares me is leaving my family behind. I won't be leaving them behind though, I'll be following the natural progression of life and embarking on my own adventures. I never thought I'd be back at home for this long after having moved out during university. Suddenly, it's 2009 and I'm getting closer to 30 than I'd like to be and I'm still coming home to the same house I've been coming home to since I was 15. The living situation is okay, but I want a) more freedom; b) more quiet; c) more privacy and d)more of my OWN space.

For now though, I'm still at home. Financially I'm not ready to make that leap (I love clothes too much) and I'm very picky about who I would live with if I had to pick a roomie. Until all of the pieces come together, I'll stay where I am and watch my sisters grow into mature young women each day. It really is a blessing.

I've seen some relationships - romantic and otherwise - go south after people moved in together. I lived with an ex for a couple of years during school and there were times when I wished we were in separate spaces. Actually, that only happened once. We got in a fight and I went to the bedroom while he stayed on the couch but I felt like we were still in too close of quarters to really get the anger out.

I've known girls who have lived together who are no longer friends because of these living arrangements. I don't want to lose any of my gals, so that's out of the question. Living with a stranger seems a bit too much like the start of Single White Female, so I'll avoid that also. Basically, I think I'll either be in a condo on my own or shacked up with my hunny on our way to the altar. Either way, it's not in the near future. I've got expensive taste and the place where I put my MK handbag down each day better be spectacular, so until spectacular is in my budget I'll be at home with the dogs, my sisters and my dad and that's okay with me.

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Mike said...

I don't think you should look at your age and begin to think you need to get out because you’re pushin 30. There's no master plan to life which I think so many people get caught up in. Life is different for everyone and we all get dealt different cards to play. It’s all these twists and turns that makes life fun and interesting! You never really know where you’re going to end up, but you’re meant to end up somewhere and that trip can be an incredible journey. Honestly, do what you’re comfortable with and within your own pace. Moving out, whether renting or purchasing, is a big deal and expensive which should be done responsibly and the right way. I too am very independent and value my freedom and space very much. However, staying at home as long as you can (within your own limits) and saving is always smart especially if your relationships at home are great.