This Relationship Limbo

My bestie Julia is hopping on a plane this month and taking a chance on love. I think it's a freggin' awesome idea. I took a similar trip a couple of years ago to the west coast for a guy who turned out to be like all the others - looking for sex and not much else - but the trip was still great.

Two summers ago, on a painfully long cab ride from the city to Long Island, Julia, Christina and I made our way to the Long Island Yacht Club for a party with some guys we had met earlier that week in the Meat Packing District. Cabbie guy had no effing idea where we were going (although we asked him before we left Times Square if he knew where he was going) and so we toured the state of New York. I remained calm while my ladies threw tantrums in the cab. I was thinking, "Fuck! If this dude kicks us out of the cab because these two are bitching at him, we're totally on the 11pm news." They were thinking, "This cabbie is an idiot! I'm going to go ballistic on this guy!"

At a four-way stop, a car pulled up next to us and asked if we were lost. He thought it was strange that an NYC cab was not in the city and figured we needed help. After a brief chat, the guy gave Julia his card and we all went on our merry ways.

Two summers later, Julia and Mike the rescue man are still chatting. In fact, a couple of weeks ago they kicked things up - Julia got a berry - and so they BBM each other incessantly. In Julia's words to me the morning after their marathon phone session, "Oh my God! I'm in love with Mike from New York, but I'm so tired now!" I could not have been more delighted for one of the greatest chicks I've ever known.

Before the calendar changes to August, Julia will go visit Mike in Long Island and take a chance on what they're both feeling: excitement, passion, hope and affection. For me, taking a chance on love is never a bad thing. When I went to visit Surfer Boy in Cali a couple of years ago I knew that things could potentially really suck once I got there, but I also knew that if I didn't go and visit him, I'd always wonder what "could" have happened. We still talk occasionally and I don't regret flying into John Wayne Airport in 2007 to see where things could go with Surfer Boy. The relationship or lack of went nowhere. I wanted something and he didn't and it's fine. It taught me to toughen up if anything.

Sometimes it's tough to know where you stand in a relationship or whether or not your casual dating has moved into relationship status. Silly me, I thought a plane ticket meant relationship, but it only meant sunshine, LA and a lot of shopping on Rodeo Drive. Hopefully, things for Julia and Mike work out differently. I would love nothing more than to hear her voice upon arrival in Toronto telling me that it was the best trip of her life and that she and Mike are 100% in love. That would be fantastic.

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