This Smile, This Tear

I got an email this afternoon that left me unfocused and stunned for the rest of the work day. A young woman I know, respect and think about daily is coming to the end of her battle with a rare brain tumour. The news sucks and although we've known for a while that medicine hasn't progressed fast enough to find a cure, you always keep hoping for a miracle. I never lose hope, even when I know things are bad and the truth is obvious, I always wish and pray and hope that something will miraculously happen and our otherwise bleak path will be altered.

When I'm down and I'm struggling to understand why really shitty things are happening, I try to find the lesson. I really believe everything happens for a reason - I have to - although sometimes these reasons don't reveal themselves for years. I'll fully admit though, I'm having a hard time keeping the faith that there's a bigger reason for why such a gorgeous and determined 26 year old woman will leave this earth far too soon. Even with the odds against her LB always has a sparkle in her eye and the drive to find a cure for people just like her. For the last few years she's been suffering through treatments, surgeries, adjustments and the reality that she's losing some independence as this horrible illness robs her completely, but she has never quit trying to find a cure. She has never quit finding new ways to raise money for research. She has never quit being an inspiration for everyone who knows her and we will never quit fighting for her cause.

I drove home from work this evening with a frown. My brows were furrowed, I chewed at my lips and regardless of the warm September air and brilliant sunshine, I was just pissed about the news I received regarding LB's health this afternoon. I want to find the reason for this. I want to believe that something good will come from all this. If fate never reveals why LB, her family, friends and supporters are subject to this awful truth then all I can hope is that her determination and fight will have inspired those who need it most. If nothing else, LB has shown so many people that you should never give up. Do whatever it takes to turn the world on its head and make a difference. Leave your mark somehow, even when the circumstances are truly fucking horrible. B-Strong for LB.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who has known LB for years, I can only agree with the above thoughts dedicated to her. It is an absolutel horror the ordeal she has been subjected to. Its so true that it just doesnt make any sense at all that someone so bright and full of potential is going to be taken away so prematurely.

Its tough to find much positive in her situation... But her attitude and desire to keep fighting is definitely a inspiration.

Well spoken words Miss Major.