This Crispy September Afternoon

You have to reward yourself in life. This is my final week of freedom before embarking on a new career adventure with a fantastically awesome and creative agency downtown. I had some contract work to wrap up and I promised myself that as soon as I got the work done, I could devote some time to my blog again.

Soooo, how have things been going for Major Gal? Well, I watched two of my oldest friends get married a few weeks back and it warmed my heart so much, that I'm still thinking of those two wonderful evenings with fond memories. Krystal's wedding was the culmination of 10 years with her sweetie, Chris and was such a fun night! Stef's classic and elegant nuptials made me weep as I pictured the girl I've known for 20 years grow up before my eyes. Both of these women were absolutely gorgeous brides and a smile still spreads across my face when I think about how happy I am to know that they're both so happily married.

Hearing these couples exchange vows and seeing them waltz around dance floors made me think about what my big day will be like. At this point, I have NO idea, but what I do know is that it will be filled with the people I love and the man of my dreams. The flowers, dresses and menu details will have to wait. For most girls, dreaming about your wedding is something that begins in childhood and carries on until the day actually arrives. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly jealous of my gorgeous friends as they had bands of gold slipped onto their delicate fingers. What I've come to realize about myself though is that I'm not ready for marriage yet. There is so much I want to do and see and become, that I can't be a "wife" just yet. A boyfriend would be nice, but more than than just doesn't fit into my life right now.

I wake up each morning a single gal, knowing that TODAY could be the day I meet somebody special. It's exciting to throw a glance at a handsome stranger, or "accidentally" bump into a hunk waiting in line for coffee and the excitement of dating someone new is so intoxicating! Those first phone calls, getting picked up for a date, spending hours making out, seeing a new message from your crush, it's all part of this blissful life of the single gal. As a single girl, I can do all this and I'm thrilled! Every day that I'm on this earth without a mate is another day that I'm open to the endless possibilities this universe has to offer. In no way am I saying that all you married people are fresh outta possibilities! In fact, the possibilities available to a happily married couple include starting a family, which is so fantastic. The possibilities for a single girl are just different from those available to a married lady. Hopefully we all get to have both over the course of our lives <3

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Anonymous said...

I am not being an ostriche here, I'm just refusing to let the universe think I imagine
another ending to this story.
universe is jealous of your way, no need to refuse its jealousy, do what makes you feel good everyday