This Many Candles?!

So, where did you think you'd be when you were blowing out 28 candles? Ten years ago I thought I'd be married, with kids, a dog and a house downtown. I have the dog and I live downtown, but otherwise I'm not even CLOSE to where I thought I'd be by now. Honestly though, I'm happy with where I am. I'm living for today, even if today is my birthday and I'm sick and I had to take Gigi outside in the rain this morning and I'm dying for a latte but don't want to walk to Starbucks and, and, really isn't that bad at all. This is my life TODAY.

On a brighter note, since I'm home sick I get to watch Regis and Kelly this morning and I LOVE that show. I also get to watch The Young and the Restless and follow the woes of Genoa City and the hardships that befall you when you're super rich and powerful. Glad I don't have those problems - in soap land money always equals an evil twin and a baby switched at birth and coming back from the dead.

I'm treating myself to a blow out today. If you know me well, you know I have a lot of hair and that I hate drying it myself. So, as a birthday pressie to me I'm going to have professionals dry and style my hair for me. That way, when I'm falling directly on my face tomorrow in Collingwood, my hair will look awesome peeking out of my grey woolly hat. You know I'm making Jo take a zillion pictures of me this weekend until we get the perfect profile pic! Speaking of pics, the one attached to his post is my wee cousin Zoe on her first birthday two years ago. Adorable, right?

The best present bestowed upon me so far this year has been comments from an old friend telling me how much she digs my blog. Honestly, I don't have tons of readers and sure I'd like more, but knowing that I'm getting out there at all is huge to me. I write this blog because I love it...and because I was told it was a good career move, but now I love it! It's a way of expressing myself, cliche I know and a greater avoids cliches, but it's true.

Roomie just made me coffee. She's a delight! Last night she came home from soccer with a birthday card and a chocolate banana cake. How could I not love her?

So folks, I've got to get ready for Regis and Kelly now. Make sure I'm stocked up with tissue, water and a sweater for when I get cold (currently jumping between hot flashes and cold chills). Have an excellent day. Ignore the rain, grab your umbrella and make this soggy Friday a great one!!

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