This twenty ten stuff

I'm determined that this year will be MY year. I'm also determined that it will be Jo's year too. We deserve some good stuff in our lives. This weekend we're heading north to try snowboarding. When I told a friend of mine I was trying this winter sport for the first time he replied, "Crystal! They have lots of hospitals in Collingwood." So, I'm thinking I will spend my first days as a successful woman of 28 bruised and sore, but very happy.

I'm yearning for some new adventures in my life. New friends. New sports. New foods. New places. New experiences. New skin tones judging from the Casper white skin I'm sporting in the pic from my friends Sonia and Luc's wedding a couple of weeks ago. And new whatever else comes towards me. I've already started trying new things. For example, I traded in my usual latte for a gourd of yerba on Queen West a few weeks ago on a date. Both the company and the drink were delightful. The yerba was strong at first and came with a LOT of rules for drinking, sharing, not stirring and adding more water. Both my date and I were worried that we were doing it wrong, but still had a blast sipping from the same straw (that's how you're supposed to do it).

So, for March I will try snowboarding for the first time. That's something new. I used to adore skiing, but as I get older I'm more of a chicken and I haven't skied in ten years. My pal Tina talked me into spending the weekend in a chalet and being uber Canadian and I'm glad I fell under her spell. I can't wait to spend hours laughing on the slopes while my pals and I attempt to make this winter sport look easy and natural. The only thing I have going for me is the outfit. I have a great toque with a fun pompom on the top. I can't wait to wear it!

Sure, I believe the universe has a plan for all of us and that destiny has already written our life stories, but I also believe we have the power to alter those stories if we wish. I WANT this year to be huge for me, so I'm willing it to be my best year yet. Ya, it might be total BS and maybe you think I'm an idiot for believing in the power of the universe and all that, but I don't really care. I'm making this year awesome for myself and I'm determined that everything I've ever wondered about (love, career, life) will be revealed to me this year. Check back on the eve of 2011 and we'll see if my predictions are right.


Anonymous said...

Crystal, Great Story!! I love reading your blogs! Have fun snowboarding...I tried it once and I decided to stick to skiing LOL!! I am confident that this will be the year for you! Just always think positive! and life will be great! Life is really great! Wonderful things will happen to you when you think positive...Good Luck! Can't wait to hear about all of the fantastic things that happen to you!! Love O'neill (Now I am a Santoloce)

Anonymous said...

no matter if a chicken or hen, me falling down and having an unsuccessful dump from a 14 feet high jump will hurt and crack yr Helmet, although it has more fun than snowboarding...when there is no powder
A friend of mine was thinking going to Poland this year December...

We deserve every year to be our year! Human being is the most respectful creature on earth…and he /she will be what she claims to be. We deserve what we are