This Furry Baby of Mine

Miss Gigi has quite the snarly attitude some days. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Like always, Gigi began stirring in her crate when my alarm started going off. Eventually I dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen to feed Gigi. Her stumpy orange tail was wagging even though she eats the same kibble every single day.

I went to get dressed and ready for work. Once I was decked out in my corporate uniform, I called Gigi to go outside. She did what she always does - looks at her leash, tilts her head then bolts for my bed. What kind of dog doesn't want to go outside? Every time she has to go outside we have this struggle. She always gives in, but I think it's hilarious how she creeps over to me and turns her head away as I slip the harness over her tiny little hamster head. With her ears back, she followed me out of the suite and in to the elevator. Arriving at ground level, we walked out of the elevator where Gigi started barking at some harmless looking dude in sandals and board shorts. I yanked on the leash - I didn't hurt her, just got her attention - and hissed "Be quiet! You can't bark at everyone you see."

The guy was cool, he said "That's okay. She's doesn't like me." after I apologized for my cranky dog. We went outside to look at the flowers and deal with the small bladder Gigi has. Crossing the street she lunged at another guy who was minding his own business. He laughed, waved his pack of cigarettes at her and again I reprimanded her. When Gigi had finally finished her morning walk, we headed back inside so I could dash off to work. The same guy from the hallway was walking out of the building and again she went ballistic. I tease Gigi that she has Napoleon complex. She's little, but she thinks she's really big. For a terrier and poodle cross, she has the attitude the size of a lion and a growl just as fierce. Sometimes it's amusing, other times, it's just unnecessary.

I emailed Rach from work to tell her about Gigi's attitude. She told me that sometimes her cat, Kayla, seems to be in a pissy mood also. Rach wrote, "I just want to ask her, 'What could possibly be so wrong with your day?'" I fully agree. When I die, I want to be reincarnated as one of my pets because they are spoiled! That's that part that cracks me up with Gigi. She has no reason to be surly, bitter or anything other than totally happy, but some days she has no patience. She's a bit like me that way. I've got a fantastic life. A wonderful family. Awesome friends. A handsome boyfriend. A great job and many other reasons to be happy, but some days I just want to tell everyone to beat it. No good reason why, it just happens.

When I got home from work, I took Gigi out again and wouldn't ya know it? The very same guy who had to deal with the wrath of Gigi that morning was walking in to the building as we sauntered out. I smiled and laughed, "See? Now she's fine." He thought it was because she didn't recognize him. Gigi didn't even notice he was there. She was headed for a patch of grass and nothing was stopping her.

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Kerry said...

I think we all get like that time to time! :) I've been feeling a little like that recently, despite how good life really is.