This Contagious Happiness

Just a wee note to say that my happy list made friends happy, which in turn makes me even happier. There really are so many opportunities to be happy if you let yourself be. I've been a doom and gloom girl before and every so often when things are less than perfect I might ask myself why this crap is happening to me...but then I stop.

Always be thankful and always find something to laugh and smile about each day. Heck, each hour. A nice email from a friend. Flowers in a garden you stroll by. The smell of waffle cones at a little ice cream shoppe. A text message. A great song on the radio. Finding twenty bucks in your pocket. Discovering new hobbies. Seeing the smile on somebody's face when you hold the door open for them. Getting mail. Having dinner with somebody you love. Sneaking a kiss from your sweetheart while people are in the other room. A new lipstick. The smell of laundry right out of the dryer. The promise of a new day. The sound of summer rain. The taste of freshly brewed coffee. Rereading a book you love and finding new things to love about it. Hearing your grandparents' voice. Reconnecting with old friends and picking up exactly where you left off. Running through sprinklers (in other people's yards)! Getting your favourite cereal on sale. Driving at night with the windows open and the music blaring. Getting a manicure. That feeling you get when you step out of the salon. Staying in on a Friday night in your jammies with movies and blankets. The shadows made by candlelight. The sound of crickets chirping - you can't see them but you know they're there. Good grammar. A painting from a child. Dancing alone in your house. My list could go on, but my hope is that this list helps you find your happiness.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing is more left to say and describe happiness when looking at this list; you said it all.
Lucky those who around you who feel the positive energy and attitute