This Girl Can't Fix Cars

I can't fix my car if it breaks. Monday morning I was already 30 minutes behind schedule when I went to get gas on my way to work. I was beyond empty, late for work and craving a latte. I drove up a titch too close so I had to stand right beside the pump in order to fill the tank. Here's my first girl car issue: a warning light had been on in my car for a while, but the Jeep was still running fine so I figured I'd get around to having it checked out when a) I had more time and b) I felt my budget could handle car maintenance.

As the parched tank slurped up the fuel I looked around. And then I looked down. My back left tire - which the nice lady at the car place told me was the "Rear Driver" tire - was almost completely flat. Happy Monday morning Crystal! I finished with the gas and went in to ask where the air thingey was. I couldn't see it and I was worried this particular gas station didn't have the machine to put air in your tires...I have no idea if that's even a possibility, I'm a chick. The woman behind the counter thought I was asking somebody to fill my tires for me. The nerve of her honestly! Really though, some help from anybody with a clue would have been great right about then.

With directions to drive around the other side of the shop, I found the tire-filler-up machine. Now, at the state my tire was in, I'm not sure how I thought adding air to it was going to help. Never wanting to appear that I'm not totally in control, I yanked on the cord and marched the hose over to the tire. What's really fun is my outfit through this ordeal. I was wearing a black and white pencil skirt, a white tee and pale silver BCBG wedge heels. Not exactly a suitable outfit for playing mechanic.

I was on my hands and knees, quite possibly offending more lady-like women than I could be at that moment when it struck me, "I'm screwed." I got in to the car and called my project manager to say that I'd definitely be late for work, that my tire was completely flat and that I had no idea what to do next. He asked me if I had CAA. I said I could phone my dad and ask him. He asked if I knew where any auto shops were. I said "No" with serious conviction.

I felt like such a tool. I was a dream come true for guys in an auto shop. I had car troubles and I had no idea what it was going to take to fix them. Luckily, the Active Green and Ross on Adelaide are not a crew who hose unsuspecting women like a bunch of crooks. I got the puncture in my tire sealed for around 40 bucks. I sat at Starbucks with a latte while they worked on my car. I even managed to buy two Christmas presents at the Chapters down the street! Pretty productive morning as it turns out.

Ladies, it's okay that we don't know how to fix cars. I know where to go when it's time for an oil change and I pump my own gas. Beyond that, I get my dad to help me or I go to the professionals. If they gouge me, I just send my dad in afterwards to "rectify" the situation. He's big and Irish and scary when he needs to be. He's actually a big softie, but that's another post for another time.

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

This post sounds vaguely familiar...cheers to the ladies who know nothing about cars!