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I might get ahead of myself sometimes. It's true. For example, as a kid I'd get twenty bucks for doing chores and the money would be spent before I got out the door. I'd "owe" my mom for other stuff before the money was in my hands. Some stuff never changes. I'm not engaged. I'm not planning a wedding, but I do think of how fabulous it will be when I am getting hitched so when I think of things I'd like to include I make a mental note of them. Define "mental" as you please, I meant I write it on my internal notepad and try to remember it. Although, thinking of the flowers you'd want for a wedding that doesn't even exist is a minor stop on the way to crazy town, so maybe it is that other type of mental note. I'm okay with that though. Most girls dream of their weddings, I just prefer a more practical angle and I plan it. Plan it years before it's going to happen...almost regretting this post as I might never hear from Ryan again after this. You know how boys get when marriage comes up.

Anyways, enough Friday afternoon rambling. Today I was on the Rue Magazine website and I listened to their free playlists. It got me thinking about music and how there are some songs I simply MUST have played at my wedding. So, I jotted down the list. With all the weddings I've been to, I notice music. I love music and when a song can move you in time and stir up emotions, it's worth taking note of. Here's the first part of my list
1) Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin (thanks Rue Magazine.)
2) All Night Long and Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie.
3) Something by Huey Lewis and the News - makes me think of Back to the Future and I worship Michael J Fox.
4) Any Stevie Wonder tune - preferably For Once in My Life.
5)Hall and Oates. This is for my mama, plus they've got killer 80s songs for dancing. Nothing like a swinging step, touch to get the dance floor jumping. Think of I Can't Go for That...great song.
6)Patsy Cline. Another artist I grew up listening to. My kindergarten teacher told my mom in the parent teacher interview I was the only student she'd ever had who sang Patsy Cline songs during playtime. If you're not familiar, do yourself a favour and listen to some of her stuff. She was killed tragically years ago, but was a total inspiration for many female country artists after her.
7)All Shook Up - the Elvis version. No messing around people.
8) Inxs. Depending on the vibe I need it's either Need You Tonight or Never Tear Us Apart.
9)Diana Ross and the Supremes. Mama listened to a lot of Motown and if you can't dance with Diana, who can you dance with?
10) Something by Harry Connick Jr. I love him. Loved him on Will and Grace. Loved him in Hope Floats. Love his Christmas albums. Love him as the only singer on the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack (also my favourite movie).
11) Some Donna Summer. I love disco. On the Radio, Last Dance, anything. In Miami a few years ago I was listening to my Donna Summer playlist on the beach. Rach was beside me and when I mentioned I was listening to Donna Summer she said, "No, I'm listening to Donna Summer" and laughed. Apparently I had the volume up a tad high.

I also think a LOT about the flowers because I adore flowers. I buy them for myself, but it's always better when someone buys them for you. I could walk through gardens and flower shops for hours. I think flowers are so absolutely beautiful and lively and under no circumstance will I skimp on this expense when the time comes to slap down the plastic and pay for some centrepieces. Recently, a post on Design*Sponge displayed some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements I have ever seen. I added the page to my favourites and have emailed myself the pictures. They're just so beautiful!! The artist created a floral tablescape so easy and organic that I often look at the pictures when I need a burst of happy.

So, there it is folks. I'm planning (always a planner) for an event occurring at a yet undetermined date. When it happens though, I'll save myself some stress since I'm already researching.

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