This Bash Stuff

Tonight is the fourth annual B-Strong Bash. It's the first one without Lindsay though and I'm wondering what the tone and atmosphere will be like. Now, Linds would NOT want any gloomy people at her bash, but that doesn't mean that there still won't be a flow of tears as we remember the girl who built this charity while facing a sometimes grim outlook on her future. She had guts that girl and I'm extremely lucky to have known Ms. Bolger.

If you have a few minutes, check out the website, make a donation, buy a Lindsay Bear and make a difference. I promise, you'll feel empowered afterwards. Lindsay was the kind of gal who made the rest of us look lazy. She didn't let anything stop her. Such a great quality!

Tonight will be a blast, as it always is. Ryan's dad, along with Lindsay's dad and some other men from the community will provide some live entertainment and I always love hearing them play. When I was Dave (Ryan's dad) on the drums, I picture Ryan in 20 years and it makes me all warm inside. Ryan and I actually had our second date at the first ever bash a few years ago. That was the first time I looked at him and thought, "No matter what else happens tonight, I just want him to kiss me." Always a gentleman, he says now that I didn't give him the "signal," but we did get that first kiss shortly after and thinking about it still makes me smile.

So, whatever you get up to on this Friday night, think about some ways you can make a difference in the lives of others. I know Lindsay will be thrilled.

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