This Blog's for Boots!

Alas my Canadian friends, summer has faded, fall is rolling through and before we know it winter will be here. This winter I get the awesome gig of blogging about Cougar boots and letting everyone know how great they are. The best part? They're giving me the boots for free. Yes, two pairs of boots. Have I ever mentioned that I love clothes, shoes and boots? Especially when that stuff is free! I'm thinking my approach will be to photograph me in the boots with different outfits around the city. Crystal and the boots on Queen Street. Crystal and the boots walking Gigi. Crystal and the boots spending the money I saved because I didn't have to buy the boots!! I'm going to be getting presents in the mail! I love getting stuff in the mail and I love boots. Isn't life great? I feel like breaking in to my own rendition of Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walking...lucky for you guys you can't hear me sing. I'm a much better dancer than singer. Actually, I'm a much better everything than singer.

This opportunity came up through Twitter, specifically my pal Shannon's tweet. I've told you about Shannon before - she's the awesome design blogger over at What's Up Whimsy? If you haven't checked her out yet, get on it would ya?

So, that's my happy for today. It was a busy Monday, but in the afternoon I got an email telling me I was chosen as a blogger for the boots and that I get a bunch of free loot. Great Monday. Where did your happy come from today everyone?

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Lizz said...

free boots = amazingness.
I was just looking for boots sales today.