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Well pals, I'm writing this from the Markham Civic Centre...I'm a revisions clerk for the municipal election this year. It's not a terribly exciting job, but it's money and I'm a keener so I signed up. My pal Alicia and I have spent most of our time browsing wedding websites, looking at pictures of Kim Kardashian, reading magazines and guzzling caffeinated beverages. I've told her she can be my wedding planner when the time finally comes. She's been married for two years and has admitted she'd like to get married once a year just so she can plan a new party and wear a new dress. Ali, you're hired!

While Alicia plans my nuptials, I've been scouring Twitter,, and some newly discovered blogs for inspiration and new ideas. New people to follow on Twitter, new ways to decorate my condo, new bloggers to learn from and new things to get excited about are on my list of things to do today. The editor of Rue Magazine is also named Crystal and I found her blog (plushpalate.blogspot) this morning. Recently, she blogged about using dark greys and whites in a space. I LOVE grey. Lately, greys and muted purples have been my go-to palette. If I had unlimited money and wasn't going to be blending all my stuff with Ryan's in a year, I would have splurged on a grey velvet sofa for myself. Instead, I'm making use of the black leather couch stowed away in my Dad's basement. It works for now and I've gotta say, at 15 years old, it's still really comfy.

Ryan and I have sort of opposite decorating tastes. He likes dark and I like light. He likes contemporary and I like glam. I like birch trees and he likes greenery more reminiscent of the jungle. When he moves, he puts up pictures immediately. When I move, I have to spend some time in the space and move pictures around a bit before nailing anything to the walls. Luckily, we both love the same shops and we both love shopping. This morning while we convinced ourselves to get out of the warm bed and get our butts to the election, we played "What would you rather be doing today?" Shopping was at the top of both our lists - after getting coffee of course. For the first time in both our lives, we're living on our own (sans roommates). Although I'm really looking forward to starting a life with Ryan next year in a space of our very own, I think taking this year to live separately is a good idea. Ryan can display all of his dude stuff and I can overload my condo with books displayed according to colour. Speaking of guy things, Ryan bought a figurine of Hannibal Lecter a couple of years ago. He knew it freaked me out and while I was asleep he put it on the headboard so that when I woke up I would have Hannibal staring at me, mask and all. I didn't find it funny, but that sense of humour is one of the things I love about Ryan. To repay him for that, I will forever have flowers throughout our homes together and I will not give up my pink Christmas tree. The gloves are off people.

This picture of towels displayed by colour is beautiful. I like when colours are grouped together.

When we blend our stuff I can already imagine how mismatched our book collections will look when I display them together. My Sister's Keeper will sit right next to some biography of a famous drummer. Sort of sums us up though. How has moving in with a significant other been for you guys? Did you have to give up your sense of style and completely adopt theirs or did you find a happy medium?


Ashley said...

Thanks for supporting Rue! I hope you find a way to incorporate your love for grays and purples in your home. Happy decorating.

xo The Rue Team

vintage muse said...

ugh i wrote a long comment and then then i left the page by accident and now its gone :(

basically i said that dave and i have similar taste BUT he cant see the big picture, where as i can, so its hard to get him on board right away with some things. but int he end, we're happy with our place and are slowly furnishing it.

come visit me, we're neighbours!