This Cougar Thing

Now, before you get all excited thinking this post is about jungle cats or older women on the prowl, let's get something straight - I'm talking about boots. Yes my dears, footwear from a proud Canadian company ( I have a slight obsession with shoes. My Dad thinks blogging about shoes and boots is what I was born to do and he's thrilled! I must admit, the adjectives I've jotted down as I'm kicking through fallen leaves and splashing in puddles with Gigi have proven my affection for footwear - specifically my Cougar rain boots. Glorious. Comfortable. Wearable. Useful. Well made. Quality. Canadian. Stylish. Warm.

Last night Gigi and I went for our final outing of the day. It was damp and wet, with a chill coming off the lake near my condo. It's not quite winter boot weather yet, so I slipped on my Cougar Regal boots. They're fleece lined, warm, waterproof and totally cute. Perfect for walking the dog and the cute buckle makes them look like motorcycle boots. Good for your inner rock chick. I figured these rain boots were only for the rainy seasons, but they're actually good for temperatures as low as minus 24 degrees! That means I can wear these puppies winter whether I'm walking my puppy, going to work or shopping on Queen West and swap them with my new Cougar winter boots when I want a change. Oh happy day!

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