This Realistic Scene

Last night I ordered Sex and the City 2 and watched it with Gigi. She's such a chic, city dog so of course she loved it :) I really enjoyed the movie, but I think my favourite scene was when Miranda and Charlotte met in their hotel suite bar and discussed how tough it is being mothers. When Charlotte exclaims, "I can't lose the nanny!" I felt like FINALLY something real had happened. I'm not a mother, so I can't pretend to understand how tough it is, but I'm guessing that when Charlotte and Miranda exchanged mommy tales of woe it was pretty accurate. Seeing two friends talk about the important stuff in life and ease each other through the tough parts touched me heart. Your close friends are the ones who force you to be honest with yourself, while still protecting your heart. Your best friend will make you admit that the guy you're chasing is a douche and that you do in fact look crazy when you analyze his every text. Sometimes we need somebody close to us to hold the mirror up to our face and show us reality.

Have you grappled with something only to have your friends tell you to smarten' up and deal with your life? My cousin Jen often does that for me. She doesn't hold back when it comes to giving me advice and although it stings sometimes, her words come from love. They always have and always will. When was the last time you were honest with yourself and those around you about the really tough stuff?


Kerry said...

Great Post Crystal. My best friend Taylor is the girl who can do this for me. We've been friends since the first year of University, and are only ever honest with one another. She's the sister I never had, and exactly the type of person I want as my best friend!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

My sister is this person for me. I, on the other hand, usually try and fluff things up and walk around the subject without really talking about it...I don't know why! I guess that's something I need to work on!

Miss CMajor said...

it's tough to be honest sometimes. you never want to hurt the people you love, but if letting them live a lie is hurting them, you've gotta suck it up and give them the low down. it's not always fun, but it's always worth it xo