This Financial Happiness

My finances don't usually make me happy. I wasn't born rich and I've come through university with hefty student loans - none of which I regret. I've wiped the slate clean, started contributing to an RSP and felt so empowered about my financial situation only to have my self control wane and then the Visa gets heated up again. And again. And again.

Last night I paid a bunch of bills and get this - I paid some early! Like way before they're due. That's a big step for me and although I just got paid and already my chequing account is parched, but I feel really good about it. I've got a plan and I feel confident that I can tackle my finances and build a future sans debt. It will take a while and I'm okay with that.

Have you ever felt swallowed up by your debt or your dwindling bank account balances? I think for the most part, it's something we learn in our twenties. We get out of school, possibly buy a car (debt I don't regret because I absolutely LOVE my Jeep), start taking vacations and furnishing our rental condos. This stuff costs money and often, our good/bad friends credit card nation are there to help us out. If I had a time machine, I would have never applied for a credit card because it's like a loaded gun for me and I just love hitting the firing range. My target is often clothes. The more money I make in life, the more I spend and it's just never enough. I'm just like my father this way. My mother was much better at holding back financially and buckling down. Spending is my addiction and I've actually looked for a support group in Toronto. Did you know that there aren't any? There are tons of gambling addiction support groups though, so if you need one of those, just hit Google.

I've got to think about my future, so last night instead of hitting the town with the gals, I stayed in to pay bills. I made a list, wrote down what I paid and when and I felt really good about it. I'm growing up. It was bound to happen.


Kerry said...

I hear ya sister! My finances were WILDLY out of control when I graduated. So I consolidated student debt and credit card debt and I'm soooo close to having it all paid off now! The credit card sometimes gets a little high, but nothing super crazy... I'm with you, trying to come up with a better financial plan! :) Good luck!

Chelsea Fitzpatrick said...

Your spending rubs off on me.. Maybe I can nip it in the bud before I'm starting support groups in my twenties ;).