This Happiness Spreads

My lovely blogging pal over at First Time Fancy commented on yesterday's post about what makes her happy and I have to agree with her. Kerry loves how excited her dogs are when she arrives at home. They dance around her with their tails whipping back and forth, telling her how happy they are to see her. As a proud dog mama, I know how wonderful this feeling is.

When I get home from work each night, Gigi scurries to the door and I swear I can read her mind, "Mommy! You're home! I knew you'd come back. Come rub my belly on the couch and tell me how much you love me." I've been told by dog trainers that I can't make a big deal when I'm coming or going from the apartment, so it takes a few minutes before I'll let myself gather Gigi in my arms and tell her how much I missed her. Looking at that sweet little furry girl of mine is quite possibly one of the best feelings. She knows I'd do anything for her and I'm overwhelmed with joy to know that she knows I'm the one person on earth who would die for her. She'd do the same for me. She might be less than 20lbs, but that gal would fight a grizzly bear if she thought she could save my life. Honestly, she has the most love for me and that makes me super happy every minute of the day. Even the days when she's barking and refuses to sleep in her crate.

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Kerry said...

Hooray for doggies :)

We always take our time too when we get home... especially with Harley. He may already be over 1... but if you pet him or talk to him as soon as you walk in the door he pees. So We always let him straight outside and then give him love and praise after he pees outside. :)