This Friday Brings Flurries

Hi my lovelies! As I was commenting on my pal Kerry's blog over at First Time Fancy, I realized that I might be one of the few people who actually love grey skies and snow flurries. When I drove in to work this morning, the view of the lake from the Gardiner made me so happy. In the distance I could see that the sky was full of snow and I was excited to get to that part of my drive so I'd be enveloped in swirling snowflakes.

Yes, I prefer the heat and any weather that permits sun tanning, but I do really enjoy the beginning of winter and the first glimpse of snowflakes. They're just so beautiful and a marvel of this universe. Each is individual, beautiful and so intricate. So, I snagged this photo from iStock, but I wanted to include a little snowflake beauty for your Friday morning. I've been a slacker blogger this week - I promise some more love next week!

Have a fantastic weekend folks and enjoy the weather. Santi Claus is coming!! yes, that's how I wanted to spell that - it's an intentional typo to bring you a little chuckle.

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Kerry said...

You know what, I was actually pretty happy to see some flurries this morning as well! :) I'm not a big cold, snow, winter person... but I figure if it is going to be cold, we may as well have some snow (even if it's only falling and not sticking!)

Have a great weekend!