This is Monday and the Sun is Shining

Hey pals, how was your weekend? Mine was spent snuggled up in the condo with a sick puppy and take-out food. I got 14 hours of sleep Friday night and another 11 last night. I spent all last week dragging myself through work and life, so that sleep was needed.

My plans to attend Winter Woofstock with Gigi were ditched when the pup was diagnosed with kennel cough. Turns out, she might have been faking just so I'd work at home Thursday and spoil her since I've only heard her cough three times since our visit to the vet. That Gigi of mine is such a character.

Sometimes we need to rejuvenate and spend a weekend in sweats watching TV. This weekend flew by since most of it was spent napping for me, but I still had a great time. My cousin and her hubby came down Saturday night so I did hit the town for a few hours, only to return to my couch and blankets. My hibernation season is starting you know!

Today I'm happy because I had two of my favourite people on earth stay at my place Saturday night and for once, I was hosting them. Usually I crash on their sofa when I go home for the weekend. I'm also happy because today would have been my Nanny's 82nd birthday. She's up in heaven now and although I miss her every day, I'm happy she's up there in the clouds with our family who've already made the journey to eternity. Love ya Nanny xoxo

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