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I got some wonderful feedback on my latest post this week and (with the help of bf), I've wondered if I need to shift my blog focus a wee bit. Or is it that I actually need to HAVE a focus? Sometimes my posts write themselves. My fingers have their own imaginations and when my life gives me something to write about, I get it on paper. So, I'm fully aware that I don't have a label as a "insert blank blogger." I'm not a design blogger or a relationship blogger. I don't blog about technology or a project I'm working on. The blog doesn't have a theme aside from me looking into myself and life around me and offering a glimpse to others.

What I'm always hoping is that my wonderful readers will find something in each post that resonates with them. Maybe it's an idea or feeling. Perhaps a line provides a wake up call. Maybe you just read because you're looking for something to fill your work day. Regardless of what brings you here, I'm blessed you stopped by and hope that a bit of my happiness and outlook rubs off on you.

On my first visit to the gym this week I spotted a little brochure on having a positive outlook. When I get around to actually reading it - I've got a wicked procrastination bug - I'm hoping I'll find a way to incorporate some tips for you guys. I'm not out here to change the world and by no means am I an influential inspiration-giver person, umm, but I'd love to offer some positivity with each post. I want you guys thinking about what makes YOU happy. I've said it before, but it's really the little things that bring sunshine to my days. If you can find the happy in something small, you're in a better position than you think you are.

Today my happy is the Starbucks latte that was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work. A gal at the office and I decided that we'll alternate days and pick up the drinks on our way into work. I'm also having a great work day while I listen to Christmas music online and revel in the fact that I've put a good dent into my holiday shopping list. Starting early (ya, I'm a keener) really makes life easier. Especially that week leading right up to Christmas when everyone is out and parking is a nightmare and you're exhausted.

This weekend, think about what makes you happy and let me know. I'd like to hear from you guys and learn how we're all finding the sunshine.

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