Smile This Morning

It's Monday. Don't let it get you down though. If you're in Toronto, you're living through a gorgeous day. It's sunny and although there's a slight chill in the air, it's still fairly warm for this time of year. All good stuff, right?

What made you happy this weekend - besides not having to work? I took Lily and Roxy to the vet and although it wasn't cheap, I had a good time. Yes, I enjoy taking my dogs to the vet. Lily waddled around the office, oblivious to what she was in for (needles). Roxy realized as we turned off the highway that she was headed to the vet and she started to pant and drool. Gigi was home in Aurora having some quality time with my Dad and being spoiled as the oldest grand-dog.

I love seeing animals' personalities transform their actions. Lily is just the happiest little dog I've ever known. She loves everything and everyone. She lives in her own Lily world and she wags her tail so much that she wears down the fur on her back from where her tail curls. That's happiness. Roxy is an older soul and when I get home she's thrilled to see me. I have to bend down to let her kiss me and I tell her how much I love her.

I found a picture of my sister Chandler with Roxy from the weekend they stayed downtown at my place. They're nestled on the couch and Roxy has the biggest grin on her face. Her mouth is open in a glorious smile and when I saw the picture my heart swelled. That's the stuff happiness is made of.

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