This is Puppy Love

I was just meandering through Twitter and one of my faves tweeted to all dog lovers in Toronto. Of course I had to click on the link and read the blog post at I died! If you're wondering what to get Major Gal for Christmas, look no further than I would like to have Gigi photographed. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, it might seem pricey. Yes, I'm going to do it regardless of how nuts you think it is. I don't have kids. Gigi is my fur baby and until I'm trekking to Sears to get my bambinos posed in front of a fake fireplace for Christmas, I'm getting my baby Gigi photographed. She's a star so it's perfect. Yes, I'm always biased and think she's the best dog on planet earth.

I chatted with a man in my elevator this week and he told me his beloved dog passed away a couple of years ago and how, in many cases, he prefers dogs to people. I can totally relate. Gigi is full of attitude and I'm under no delusions that she's well-behaved and a perfect angel. Does that stop me from adoring her? Not at all. I think she's perfect just the way she is.

Go check out the site if you have some pet lovers on your list or you just want to take a peek at some really great shots of some furry friends. This gorgeous poodle was photographed by the gang at puppyrazzi. Isn't she a little sweetheart?

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