This is Why I'm The Zodiac Fishie

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm a lover of water. I love drinking it. I love hearing it. I love swimming in it. I love looking at it. I adore H20. Tomorrow night bf and I are heading to a spa for some water therapy and pampering and in discussing it with a pal of mine, she suggested I try Body Blitz in the city since I'm so into baths and pools and oceans. A few minutes ago I was over at What's Up Whimsy? checking out the most recent day of blogger wish lists and somebody asked Santa for a day at Body Blitz. Obviously I had to check out the website and I must say - this might become a new Sunday ritual for me.

It's just a short post for your Wednesday, but I'm asking you to consider the rejuvenating effects of water therapy - in any form. Get your eight glasses a day. Take a sea salt bath. Take a dip in an indoor pool if you're from around here or dive into the ocean and think of me when the smell of salt in the air puts a smile on your face. Yours in health and happiness xoxo

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Blitz looks so great! Have an awesome time Crystal!