This is What Christmas is All About Charlie Brown

Are those not the sweetest words you've ever heard uttered by a cartoon character? I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight for the first time this season. Usually I watch it when it airs on one of the big TV networks, but I was at a work function the night it was on, so tonight it was just me and my DVD.

I really love this movie, for reasons my closest friends and family know. It reminds me of my mama. Thinking of her as a little girl watching it just makes me all warm inside. She loved the movie and, like I've written before, my family and I buy pretty much all the Charlie Brown stuff we can find over the holidays. It's a small way of keeping her with us. The soundtrack is one of my favourites. Those jazzy beats and the super-cool vibe make me wanna dance and I often do whether I'm in my car, in my condo or answering my phone - one of the songs is my ring tone. It just makes me really happy and I imagine my mom dancing around with me. Before I get myself too depressed over all this, I want to share a picture of my favourite Charlie Brown Christmas decoration. I snapped the picture tonight especially for this post. Whatever the holidays bring you, spread happiness and find your inner Snoopy. That little guy was so freggin' happy all the time. We could all use a little Snoopy in our lives. xoxo

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