This is 2011!

Hi there. I've been slacking on my posts. December was tough. I was sick for most of it and now that I'm back to work, I've been busy. My advice to you is this: when you wake up with a sore throat and feel lousy for a few days, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Don't wait three weeks like I did. You will end up with three prescriptions, two visits to the doctor and a swollen eye so grotesque you refused to be photographed during the holidays.

I've been thinking about what else makes me happy and I implore you all to think about the stuff that, although annoying, might still be comical and worth smiling about. Yesterday morning was just one of those mornings. I couldn't settle on an outfit and the new Teenflo dress I wanted to wear just wasn't jiving with any of my tights, so I changed into another new dress(Thank you Gap for your great clearance sale). I was dropping Gigi off at the sitter so I strapped her into the car and then drove three minutes to my friend Shannon's house, who is also my trusted puppy caregiver. On my way, I tipped my tumbler back to drink some of my berry smoothie. I don't know what happened, but suddenly smoothie was pouring down my face, onto my jacket and pooling in my lap. I was already late for work and now I was covered in frozen fruit puree. Excellent.

So, I was slightly irritated with that, but it definitely wasn't the end of the world. I finally got to work and had a meeting shortly after I arrived. During the conference call I ran my fingers through my hair. The smoothie has dried and was now crusted to the ends of my blonde locks. As I started trying to drag my fingers through the mess my team started looking at me with puzzled expressions. When the call was over, my manager said, "Now. I have to ask. What's with the hair?" I regaled the team with the extended version of my brutal morning including taking Gigi back home when I couldn't get a hold of Shannon, finding out the clasp on my favourite shoes was broken and saying goodbye to BF as he flew to California for the week. Cali is my favourite place on earth and bf is often there for work. My work allows for exciting travel between Scarborough and Toronto each day. I'm not comparing jobs, but I think BF's is more exciting.

I don't really enjoy getting smoothie in my hair or on my black and white coat, but I had to laugh it off. I never take myself too seriously. In fact, one of my favourite things to do is tell stories of idiotic things I've done or unfortunate, but humorous events that I've been a part of. If you need a smile today, picture me with pink berry smoothie caked into my hair. It's okay, you can laugh because trust me, I've laughed at myself several times.

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