This Weekend Before Christmas

Check out the photo of my mom with Santa at the Eaton Centre in I'm guessing 1967. Yesterday at home I snapped pictures of all the Santa pics our family has. Some of the older ones are such a blast. Me, Chelsea and Chandler are featured below. I'm 19 in the final photo and my sisters are in grade school. Man, how time flies.
It's Sunday night and just over one week since cold and flu season found me and kicked my ass. I woke up last Saturday with a very sore throat and since then I've laid awake coughing, blown my nose so many times it actually feels bruised inside and I've considered buying shares in Kleenex because I've spent so much on their product lately. I'm still coughing, still eating vitamin C by the handful and Friday night I slept for 12 hours and woke up immediately wishing I could spend the day in bed. But, Santa is coming to town and this girl had stuff to do. First order of business: take Gigi to get her picture taken with Santa.

My friend Julie and her chihuahua, Moose joined us at Global Pet Foods in Liberty Village to pose with Santa. All the proceeds went to an animal rescue charity and I was such a proud mama to see my little girl being photographed. I'm still planning to have photos professionally taken...especially after seeing Tori and Dean tonight and the tribute they gave to Tori's fur baby in heaven, Mimi. I actually cried. Yes, I'm a complete sap for my dog and animals in general so I want to capture every moment of Gigi's life because I know one day I'll have to say goodbye. Our furry family members are with us for such a short time, so while they're here, we have to cherish them. Man...that really took a sad turn I wasn't planning on. Let's move to the happy stuff!

Last night my girlfriends from high school and I all gathered for a potluck dinner and gift swap. It's not often that we're all together at the same time so we were all pumped to gab and eat. I brought a mashed potato buffet and our lovely hostess, Katie provided the martini glasses to serve my dish. I did garlic mashed red potatoes and sweet potatoes and then laid out shredded cheddar cheese, sliced green onions, crumbled bacon, sour cream and butter. They were a hit! All the food was fabulous.

It's funny how much we've all grown up since we met on the first day of grade nine over 14 years ago, clad in black tights and black bodysuits. We spent five days a week together, with (at a minimum) of one dance period together every day for the next four years. When we graduated after OAC and went to university, we still all came back together whenever we could. Girlfriends are so important. They're the people who remind you of the brutal outfits you wore in grade ten. They remind you how to laugh when work gets tough and you forget how awesome you really are. They remind you that the idiot who just broke your heart is a complete loser and that your dream guy is waiting for you. They remind you that they're always going to be around as you all grow up together. It's pretty fantastic. I'll even admit that it's fantastic when they force you to watch old dance videos of your lanky teenage self parading across stage in a skeleton costume for the circus ballet dance. To my UHS dance girls - thanks for a great night and sorry for coughing so much. xoxo

Today I had big plans. Get up early. Drive to the Coach outlet. Get some more Christmas presents bought. Bake some cookies. Instead, I got Starbucks, watched two movies on the couch and then asked my dad to turn the car around as he drove me to the mall so I could could home and rest. The unthinkable has happened. This cold/flu has taken my will to shop. No presents were purchased. No cookies were baked. It's just after 7pm and I can't wait for bedtime. I did want to share with my special gals just how much fun I had last night, so I had to hit the laptop before taking a bath and nestling in for the evening. It's almost Christmas!!

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